Eclipse plugin for Kompics development support
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Eclipse plugin for Kompics development support


There are 4 projects that make up the plugin:

  • KompicsIDE <-- The actual plugin containing UI elements, actions, model scanner and validator
  • KompicsMetaModel <-- an EMF eCore model for Kompics that is used by the IDE
  • KompicsIDE Feature <-- a feature project which bundles the two above
  • KompicsIDE Update <-- an update site projects for the KompicsIDE feature


For Kompics development: Install plugin and dependencies from update site into an existing Eclipse Juno installation

For KompicsIDE plugin development: clone this repository and import the four projects into Eclipse Juno installation


  1. To enable Kompics nature right-click a Java project and hit "Add/Remove Kompics Nature" in the dropdown menu
  2. To open the Kompics Model View go to Window -> Show View -> Other... and search for "Kompics"
  3. The view will automatically update when project is built. To force immediate update do a clean followed by a rebuild