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TowerRush plugin for BattleArena
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BattleArena TowerRush

Originally created by the original author of BattleArena, alkarin_v for the Minecraft server, Due to his absence this plugin was discontinued and hasn't been updated since he left the BattleArena scene. After receiving permission from Tara (original owner of Pwing), I have decided to update and publish the source of this plugin.


The objective of TowerRush is to "destroy" the other team's tower before they destroy yours. Each tower has a set amount of health. The team with the most amount of health remaining at the end of the game wins. If a team's tower runs out of health, they are eliminated.


Arena Setup:

These commands will allow you to create a TowerRush arena.

/tr create ArenaName - Create arena

/tr alter ArenaName wr 1 - Set waiting room

/tr alter ArenaName wr2 - Set a second waiting room (if pleased)

/tr alter ArenaName TeamIndex - Sets the spawn point for a team

/tr addBlock ArenaName TeamIndex - Add a block for team a team (can add more than 1)

/tr save - Save the arena

Extra Commands

/tr join - Join a game

/tr leave - Leave a game

/tr forcestart - Force start a game

/tr clearBlocks ArenaName - Clears all the blocks for a team

Bug Reports

If you have any bugs or problems, please create a new issue here or contact me on Discord at Redned#9473.

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