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Plugin Info


Latest Plugin Info

Bleeding Edge V: GitHub package.json version GitHub release Stable Build V: GitHub package.json version GitHub release Long Team Support Build V: GitHub package.json version GitHub release

BattleTracker V: GitHub package.json version GitHub release

GitHub: GitHub Repo - GitHub stars GitHub watchers Dev Activity: GitHub last commit Issue Tracking: GitHub issues

Some of the most frequent questions can be found in the FAQ section.

Getting Started

You can get the latest jars for BattleArena from:

BattleArena is tested and runs on the latest Spigot and PaperMC builds. Please make sure you're running the latest builds before reporting any issues!

Features & Fame

BattleArena features a complete Event system for Minecraft.

  • Comes default with several Match and Event Types.
  • Huge amounts of customization through the configs and in game commands.
  • Framework and API for easily creating custom matches/events.
  • Support for custom arena types such as Spleef and CTF.
  • ... and a whole lot more!

We've been featured in the following YouTube videos and reviews:

Tutorial by LtJim007:


Tutorial by OGCraftVids:



BattleArena Statistics

Read the Docs

Here are most popular doc pages to read right now:

  1. Getting Started
  2. Creating your first Arena
  3. BattleArena FAQ

Add-On Extensions

BattleArena comes with support for developers to create their own BattleArena addons. These extensions allow you to go beyond what is currently able to be done in the plugin and allows for even more awesome games! Here is a list of a few extensions:

S Extension Docs Download GitHub Author Last Update
✔️ ArenaSpleef 🔗 🔗 🔗 @BattlePlugins GitHub last commit
✔️ ArenaPaintball 🔗 🔗 🔗 @BattlePlugins GitHub last commit
✔️ ArenaCTF 🔗 🔗 🔗 @BattlePlugins GitHub last commit
✔️ ArenaFutbol 🔗 🔗 🔗 @morango, @BattlePlugins GitHub last commit
✔️ BombArena 🔗 🔗 @Europia79 GitHub last commit
HostageArena 🔗 🔗 @Europia79 GitHub last commit
✔️ ArenaTowerRush 🔗 🔗 @alkarinv, @Redned GitHub last commit
ArenaBattleRoyale 🔗 🔗 @Redned GitHub last commit
✔️ ArenaParkour 🔗 🔗 @alkarinv, @Redned GitHub last commit

If you have an extension that you would like yours listed here, please reach out on Discord or Github.

Add-On Plugins

These are all the dependencies that are currently built into BattleArena right now! We're always open for new suggestions or ideas, please reach out on Discord or Github!


These are the three different levels of dependencies that are built into BattleArena:

  • Soft Dependencies: These are not required plugins, they'll hook into BattleArena if they're running compatible versions side by side to extend your experience.
  • Rec Dependencies: These are recommended dependencies, we strongly recommend running these along with BattleArena as they'll vastly expand BAs core features.
  • Hard Dependencies: You need to run these side by side with BattleArena. Thankfully, we don't have any of those and don't plan too!


Plugin Dependency Support Provided / Features Type
BattleTracker Sister plugin to BA for stats and tracking in Arenas. Expanded Leaderboards and Sign support. Rec
WorldEdit Arena Regeneration, Terrain Control, and Region Selections support. Rec
WorldGuard Region Selection Support and Advanced Arena Region Flags integration. Rec
VirtualPlayers Support to use VirtualPlayers in Arenas for testing and experimentation! Soft
MobArena MobArena detection and protection, both in MobArenas and BA Arenas. Soft
NameTagEdit Update and Support for Custom and Colored Nametags within Arenas. Soft
VanishNoPacket "Unvanish after leaving an arena" Soft
Vault Support for most popular economy plugins, provides money hook. Soft
Multiverse Multiworld support for Arenas. Soft
CombatTag / CombatTagPlus Combat Tag support and customization support within Arenas. Soft
DisguiseCraft / LibsDisguises Disguise support and customization support within Arenas. Soft
Essentials / EssentialsX God Mode (/egod) and /back command support within Arenas. Soft
Herochat / HeroChat Pro [^Premium-Plugin] Support for Herochat chat and custom messaging. Soft
Heroes Legacy / Heroes Premium [^Premium-Plugin] Class Integrations and Proper Inventory Storing / Restoring Support. Soft
mcMMO Classic [^Premium-Plugin] / mcMMO [^Premium-Plugin] Support for skill force enabling / disabling in Arenas. Soft

[^Premium-Plugin]: These are Premium Plugins that require payment / subscriptions to use; as such we are not always able to test updated support with all of these plugins as we do not own them. Please let us know if you're encountering issues so we can investigate! Thank you.

Developer Info

If you're interested in contributing to BattleArena, please take a look at our GitHub Page for BattleArena.

If you are interested in creating your own arena extensions, please take a look at the DeveloperInfo page.

Project Lifetime

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