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Battlesnake Game Board and Playback Control
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Battlesnake 2019 Board

Build Status


npm i
npm start


npm run build

Running a game

For now you cannot just load the index page or you'll get an error. To make it do something you need to add the query parameters engine (URL of the engine API) and game (ID of the game you want to run). For example:


Board parameters

  • engine - the Battlesnake engine to request frames from.
  • game - the id of the game to fetch frames for.
  • boardTheme - the theme of the board. Values dark / light. Defaults to light.
  • frameRate - the frame rate used in the board. Takes a value equal to FPS. Defaults to 20 FPS.
  • hideScoreboard - remove the scoreboard for embedding cool games. Values true false. Defaults to false.
  • hideMediaControls - remove the controls for embedding cool games. Values true/false. Defaults to false.

Keyboard Shortcuts

If you click on the board you can use:

  • arrow keys to go forwards and backwards through frames.
  • space bar to pause / un-pause the game.
  • r to reset the game to frame 0.

Handy tips

Since it is a common pattern to create a game, start it, and then view it in the browser you can do something like this:

GAME_ID=`engine-cli create -c ~/snake-config.json | cut -d'"' -f 2`
engine-cli run -g $GAME_ID
xdg-open "http://localhost:3000?engine=http%3A%2F%2Flocalhost%3A3005&game=$GAME_ID"

Linting and formatting

ESLint and Prettier are setup in this project so you may want to install compatible plugins in your editor.

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