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Battlesnake Rust Starter Project

An official Battlesnake template written in Rust. Get started at

Battlesnake Logo

This project is a great starting point for anyone wanting to program their first Battlesnake in Rust. It can be run locally or easily deployed to a cloud provider of your choosing. See the Battlesnake API Docs for more detail.

Run on Replit

Technologies Used

This project uses Rust and Rocket. It also comes with an optional Dockerfile to help with deployment.

Run Your Battlesnake

cargo run

You should see the following output once it is running

🚀 Rocket has launched from

Open localhost:8000 in your browser and you should see


Play a Game Locally

Install the Battlesnake CLI

Command to run a local game

battlesnake play -W 11 -H 11 --name 'Rust Starter Project' --url http://localhost:8000 -g solo --browser

Next Steps

Continue with the Battlesnake Quickstart Guide to customize and improve your Battlesnake's behavior.

Note: To play games on you'll need to deploy your Battlesnake to a live web server OR use a port forwarding tool like ngrok to access your server locally.