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The Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) maintains a simulation model of typical weekday travel to assist in regional planning activities. MTC makes the software and scripts necessary to implement the model as well as detailed model results available to the public. Users of the model and/or the model's results are entirely responsible for the outcomes, interpretations, and conclusions they reach from the information. Users of the MTC model or model results shall in no way imply MTC's support or review of their findings or analyses.

Model Versions

The following model versions are available in the repository:

  1. Version 0.3 -- Maintained in branch v03.
  2. Version 0.4 -- Maintained in branch v04.
  3. Version 0.5 -- Maintained in branch v05.
  4. Version 0.6 -- Maintained in branch v06.
  5. Version 1.5 -- Maintained in branch master.

Travel Model Two is also under development in a different repository:

For additional details about the different versions, please see here Any other branches are exploratory and not used in our planning work.

Please find a detailed User's Guide here.

Other documentation is available on the Travel Model wiki, including the Travel Model User's Guide and the page on Setup and Configuration.