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Mission, Vision, Goals, Principles

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The XXX Foundation for Advancing Travel Analysis Methods


The Foundation’s mission is to advance rigorous transportation and land use decision-making for the public good by advocating for, facilitating, and supporting improved travel analysis and forecasting methods.


Be the primary venue through which leading researchers and practitioners seek to develop and improve travel analysis methods and tools that are demonstrably valuable, credible, transparent, tractable, reproducible, and usable.


The Foundation’s goals are to support, incubate, guide, encourage, teach, and convene, as follows:


Provide robust infrastructure, including financial, administrative, and legal support.


Incubate innovative and useful planning methods in preparation for deployment by states, regions, cities, and neighborhoods.


Guide research towards useful avenues and products.


Encourage the use of open data standards, rigorous development practices, interoperability, reproducible research methods, and evaluation of research.


Teach core competencies and next generation travel analysis skills to researchers and practitioners.


Convene leading academics and practitioners to guide the Foundation’s efforts.


The Foundation is guided by the following principles:

  • Respectful, honest, technical-based interaction;
  • Collegial and collaborative;
  • Driven by usefulness;
  • Acting in support of the public good;
  • User-friendly packaging and licensing;
  • Consistently high-quality work products;
  • Faithful implementation of standards; and,
  • Lawfulness as mandatory.
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