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BayCitizen / django-doccloud

This package provides a reusable Django app to facilitate uploads and display of documents hosted on the DocumentCloud service

Install with PIP:
pip install django-doccloud
Examples of how to use this package can be found in
doccloud/ and doccloud/templates/*

Getting Started

Your file needs three variables.

Provide credentials and a path to save the document locally

DOCUMENTS_PATH = os.path.join(MEDIA_ROOT, 'documents')



Add the urls to your project's file:

(r'^docs/', include('doccloud.urls')),

The example templates assume you have the following template loader


Add 'doccloud' to your installed apps list in

Start your server and navigate to host:port/docs/

A few notes

Documents deleted using the admin interface will attempt to remove themselves from DocumentCloud but in the case of a failure, the DocumentCloud doc will be orphaned

doccloud/ contains the admin form

doccloud/ has a model form you can use on any page

doccloud/ contains an example using the model form

doccloud.models.Document.connect_dc_doc() uploads the doc to DocumentCloud. For larger documents that can take some time upload, this function should be run async with celery/rabbitmq or the like

Private documents and large documents that have not finished processing in DocumentCloud will not appear on the templates/detail.html page unless the user is logged in to DocumentCloud. Some JS code could test to see if the document's doccloud url exist otherwise fall back on the locally stored document.

More on this package at: