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Bayat Games

Create and play passionately with joy.
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Hi there 👋

We're Bayat, we're passionate about creating and playing games, and we love open source!

Join our open source community by contributing to our projects or just check them out, we're glad to have you here!


You can contribute to any project, just check the corresponding contribution guidelines provided in each project, you can also check out our Developer resources for more information.

Useful resources


  1. Support Public

    Customer Support, Submit your issues, improvements, recommendation, problems, etc here.

    7 5

  2. Save Game Free is a free and simple but powerful solution for saving and loading game data in unity.

    C# 460 54

  3. SaveGamePro Public

    A Complete and Powerful Save Game Solution for Unity (Game Engine)

    38 1

  4. RedRunner Public

    Red Runner, Awesome Platformer Game.

    C# 583 226

  5. An awesome Voxel framework for Unity (Game Engine)

    C# 94 21

  6. SaveSystem Public

    The source code of Bayat - Save System for Unity engine.

    C# 14 1


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