Cheap distillation for convolutional neural networks.
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Code used to produce

Installation Instructions

If installing with conda:

conda create -n torch python=3.6
source activate torch


conda install pytorch torchvision -c pytorch
pip install tqdm
pip install tensorboardX
conda install tensorflow

Training a Teacher

In general, the following code trains a teacher network:

python <DATASET> teacher --conv <CONV-TYPE> -t <TEACHER_CHECKPOINT> --wrn_depth <TEACHER_DEPTH> --wrn_width <TEACHER_WIDTH>

Where <DATASET> is one of cifar10, cifar100 or imagenet. By default, cifar10 and cifar100 are assumed to be stored at /disk/scratch/datasets/cifar, but any directory can be set with --cifar_loc.

In the paper, results are typically reported using a standard 40-2 WRN, which would be the following (on cifar-10):

python cifar10 teacher --conv Conv -t wrn_40_2 --wrn_depth 40 --wrn_width 2

Training a Student

Students can be trained using KD (by setting alpha>0) and/or AT (by setting beta>0) as:

python <DATASET> student --conv <CONV-TYPE> -t <EXISTING TEACHER CHECKPOINT> -s <STUDENT CHECKPOINT> --wrn_depth <STUDENT_DEPTH> --wrn_width <STUDENT_WIDTH> --alpha <ALPHA for KD> --beta <BETA for AT>

Note: the AT method uses KD by default, so to turn it off, set alpha to 0

As an example, this would train a model with the same structure as the teacher network, but using a bottleneck grouped + pointwise convolution as a substitute for the full convolutions in the full network with attention transfer:

python cifar10 student --conv G8B2 -t wrn_40_2 -s wrn_40_2.g8b2.student --wrn_depth 40 --wrn_width 2 --alpha 0. --beta 1e3


Elliot Crowley did most of the development work on the initial version of this code, but the code is provided here without the full commit log for privacy reasons.

The following repos provided basis and inspiration for this work:

Citing this work

If you would like to cite this work, please use the following bibtex entry:

  title={Moonshine: Distilling with Cheap Convolutions},
  author={Crowley, Elliot~J. and Gray, Gavin and Storkey, Amos},
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