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Create a professional styled VCL DBgrid using the standard DBgrid component
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A Professional VCL DBGrid

As an extension to the previous blog Delphi vcl buttons in dbgrid and code that covered adding buttons to your VCL DBgrid, a four part series is now included in Bayeseanblog that allows you to enhance a standard VCL DBgrid without the need of a Special Component.

Professional VCL DBGrid Part One

  • Setting the generic background within the Grid

  • Set alternate row colors for the Grid

  • Set column colors by column number

  • Add styled checkboxes to a column

  • Allow checkbox column to highlight a row for a prescribed color

  • Set Active Row Highlight

Professional VCL DBGrid Part Two

  • Add Row Numbers to the Grid

  • Add a DBlookupCombo to the column

  • Add the Windows 10 Datepicker to the column

Professional VCL DBGrid Part Three

  • Add star rating levels to a column

  • Add circle rating levels to a Column

Professional VCL DBGrid Part Four

  • Progress bar single to multi-colors

  • Horizontal bar multi-colors

The downloadable code includes all of these added options in an example and makes use of a DBGridutils unit.

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