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Delphi Parse Delimited string into seperate fields using Stringgrid
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As part of a recent project, I was converting a KML (Keyhole Markup Language) file to a GPX (GPS Exchange Format) file which required the extraction of longitude, latitude and elevation coordinates into a comma delimited string format. After extracting the <coordinates> into a string, the string needed to be parsed into three fields. As data could vary in size up to millions of coordinates, this necessitated a method that would not impact on process time nor create memory issues when converting a delimited string into fields.

Whilst it is simple to convert a text file to fields easily, it is converting an available delimited string into different text fields that requires a changed approach. Other scripting languages’ built in techniques makes it really easy to parse text into different formats. Delphi requires a slight difference in approach to achieve the same.

Feel free to get the full story at Bayesean Blog.

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