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A Delphi Map Plotter for multi-device apps
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Delphi FMX Leaflet Plotter using OSM Maps

By making use of the Leaflet Plotter open source JavaScript libraries, all the processing is performed in the browser without having to create an extra Delphi layer to code and perform these functions.

Components used

  • Delphi FMX standard components:- Toolbar, Browser, buttons and memo. This could easily be used in a VCL application.

  • Leaflet.js is a mature open-source mapping JavaScript library which has a huge following with all sorts of open-source supporting libraries that will provide a solution for any type of mapping requirement.

  • Leaflet plotter is found in Github is just one of these add-on libraries which allows plotting onto a leaflet map.

  • Scriptgate is a fantastic call-back light-weight library that allows Delphi to communicate with the Browser by overcoming the CORS restriction in the cross platform browser component. First install the component through the Gettit Manager and only then can you compile the example.


Feel free to download the code.

Running the Project

Ensure that you have connection to the Internet before running the Application as it needs to call the OSM Maps to download the correct tile(s) to be viewed in the browser.

The plotting is essential a new map overlay. A left click will add a plotted point and update the plotted points list. This point can be repositioned with left mouse-down and dragged.

Double clicking the point will delete the point and update the internal plotted points list.

Licence MIT.


Read the Blog:- Delphi-FMX-leaflet-plotter-using-OSM-Maps to understand how the code works.

Happy Coding

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