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A tool for decrypting your SQLite Database to make changes on the go without changing Production Code
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Sqllite Firedac Encryption Processor(anydac)
Sqllite Firedac Tokyo Encryption Processor

Delphi Encrypting and Decrypting Tool for a SQLite Database

Read my blog for the full details:... Delphi-Sqlite-Encryptor-Decryptor-Tool

The Firedac SQLite component is encryption ready and is totally unique to Delphi. When connecting in encryption mode in your application, the database linking becomes more integrated and once coded, it is better to continue with your encrypted code as it requires a bit of recoding to compile again as a non- encrypted setup.

I created a simple Encrypt / Unencrypt and Password Re-name tool using the provided components in Delphi. As I found it useful to me, it would be useful to other developers.

I have provided the source code for both AnyDac ( XE4 to Delphi 7) and FireDac for XE5 and Up . The Source and Binaries are included.

Whilst this application is not complex in design and is easy to create. It just saves a developer from having to go through the trouble to create it. Feel free to modify it to your requirements. Using this Application makes Decryption an Encrypting a Database quick and painless.

Happy Coding

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