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A console script that I made for php debugging.
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PHP Console

This is a small script that I wrote to make PHP debugging a little easier. I made it because my app was dealing with a lot of redirects, and I wanted to log information without it being erased after the redirect.

Here's a video that explains how to use it.

Everything is stored in a text file that gets created in the same directory as console.php.


The first thing to do is make sure console.php is executable. And then run it in Terminal.

chmod +x console.php

By default console.php will reload the text file every 5 seconds. But you can change the time like this

./console.php delay=1

Then from your file include console.class.php and add logs with the following syntax.

    Console::log('This will get added!');

    Console::log(array('This will be printed with print_r'));


The console class has two variables that can be changed. The first is for where console.txt is created. And the second is for the time format.

    // needs to point to the location of console.php
    Console::$filename = '../console.txt'; 

    Console::$time_format = 'F j, Y @ h:i:sa'; // default
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