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Adds a sounds for implant removal, and better messages for the rag.

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1 parent 5ba1bc4 commit dd5ed6a1cdc29b7d8b7aa863bfa3b4044ae78190 Erthilo committed
1 code/game/objects/items/weapons/
@@ -593,6 +593,7 @@ CIRCULAR SAW
implant.loc = (get_turf(H))
implant.implanted = 0
S.implant = null
+ playsound(user, 'squelch1.ogg', 50, 1)
if(istype(implant, /obj/item/weapon/implant/explosive) || istype(implant, /obj/item/weapon/implant/uplink) || istype(implant, /obj/item/weapon/implant/dexplosive) || istype(implant, /obj/item/weapon/implant/explosive) || istype(implant, /obj/item/weapon/implant/compressed))
usr << "The implant disintegrates into nothing..."
4 code/modules/DetectiveWork/
@@ -760,9 +760,7 @@ proc/blood_incompatible(donor,receiver)
attack(atom/target as obj|turf|area, mob/user as mob , flag)
if(ismob(target) && target.reagents && reagents.total_volume)
- user << "\blue You smother [target] with \the [src]."
- for(var/mob/O in viewers(world.view, user))
- O.show_message(text("\red [] has been smothered with \the [] by []!", target, src, user), 1)
+ user.visible_message("\red \The [target] has been smothered with \the [src] by \the [user]!", "\red You smother \the [target] with \the [src]!", "You hear some struggling and muffled cries of surprise")
src.reagents.reaction(target, TOUCH)
spawn(5) src.reagents.clear_reagents()
BIN sound/effects/squelch1.ogg
Binary file not shown.

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