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TG updates up to r3571 #1011

merged 24 commits into from May 10, 2012


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ghost commented May 10, 2012

Finally all up to date, yay!

Straight from the changelog:

10 May 2012

TG updated:

  • New drinks recipes!
  • Different types of cigarettes added to contraband ordering.
  • Emergency Toolboxes now contain smaller, lighter fire extinguishers that actually fit inside them!
  • AIs and Cyborgs can now understand PAIs and MMIs.
  • Adminwho now shows admin ranks.
  • You can't pull things with missing hands anymore.
  • Nuke ops now spawn with an extended oxygen tanks.
  • Botany leather gloves can now remove lights without burning yourself.
  • New xeno sprites when running.
  • Piano is now a Minimoog!
  • Switched back to oldbody bag sprites.
  • New Oddyseus destroyed sprites.

Erthilo added some commits May 9, 2012

TG: Fixes some mix-up with what hand was lost
Regenerate admin verb now restores limbs/lost blood
Fixes power_loss proc to actually respect the electrical channel something is
Revision: r3539
Author: 	 VivianFoxfoot
TG: Committing a new map update for Ikarrus-
Committing for Sieve: (and WJohnston, I suppose~)
Added WJ's alien hunt sprites.
Fix for the misplaced update ID line in the PDA.dm
Slightly updated mining turfs

Also adding a define for Cheri's balaclava sprites, and a new type of cigarette
packet (not available in game, currently)
Revision: r3540
Author: 	 petethegoat
TG: Fixes a pAI requests runtime caused by clients disconnecting.
Fixes a host of runtimes caused by lag delaying "transmissions" between
telecomms machines. Various objects were being deconstructed during this lagtime
resulting in a bunch of weird null errors. Tested for 24hours on another server.
Seems to be all ok.

Added some rudimentary checks to advanced proccall. Calling procs owned by
objects is now a little less prone to runtimes. still a bunch of stuff to do to
get it safe enough though.
Revision: r3542
Author: 	 elly1...@rocketmail.com

Ported over BS12's piano code. I say ported, it's not like it's anything but a
copy/paste though.
Also changed the icon to the minimoog, to reflect on how FUTURISTIC it is.
Revision: r3543
Author: 	 petethegoat
TG: Updated DNA modifier consoles so they work in any direction.
Updated adminwho so the plebs can see ranks.
Removed the admin message from view range changes.
Revision: r3545
Author: 	 petethegoat
TG: Changed the way facial scarring works. Instead of setting your re…
…al_name to

"Unknown" it uses the disfigured variable of a human's head organ to dictate the
human's name variable.

This means real_name is now somewhat back to being a reliable source of the
mob's actual name. It should eliminate a lot of the "cloning as unknown" bugs.

It also means I could simplify that god-awful name updating stuff into a nice
and simple helper proc.

Some original_name stuff was added here and there,  mainly during cloning. A lot
of the "getting random ghost names" should  be fixed now. Still loads to do
though, particularly with transforms and such. >_>

Fixed a runtime with Tajarans trying to use a variable that doesn't exist for
PDAs. Removed that variable from IDs as it's only used by furries.
Revision: r3546
Author: 	 elly1...@rocketmail.com
TG: Added Ikarrus's latest map updates. Changes to genetics, medbay, …
…research and

Updated operating tables to search for adjacent computers, rather than using an
Switched back to the old bodybag sprites.
Slightly updated the Oddy destroyed sprites, and updated the changelog.
Revision: r3547
Author: 	 petethegoat
TG: AIs and Cyborgs can now understand PAIs and MMIs
Revision: r3553
Author: 	 kortgstation
TG: Fixes guns some. Can't shoot yourself as easily anymore. You can …
…now aim at

body parts with your gun.  I think the reason you couldn't before was just the
failure to pass the def_zone up to the parent, not sure if that was intensional
or not.
Revision: r3554
Author: 	 VivianFoxfoot
TG: Sanitize added to agent cards and ID computer.
Revision: r3556
Author: 	 johnsonmt88
TG: -Added fat jumpsuit sprites for orange, owl, pink, security, ward…
…en, and yellow

jumpsuits. Made the placeholder for suits that don't have a fat sprite a normal
grey jumpsuit instead of having the person naked with FAT SUIT written over
-Tweaked the way the Somatoray works on trays. Hopefully this will make it more
useful and less buggy.
-Botanical leather gloves tweaked. Can now remove lights without getting you
burned, basically.
-Botanists given morgue access to better clone people via replicant pods.
Revision: r3557
Author: 	 d_h2...@yahoo.com
TG: Added an ex_act for simple animals
Revision: r3558
Author: 	 kortgstation
TG: Adds the framework for randomlly loading an additional external z…
…-level at

server start.  Loading during the game should also be possible.
Fixes assorted bugs
Revision: r3559
Author: 	 VivianFoxfoot
TG: Added Wjohnstons resin xeno doors.
Revision: r3560
Author: 	 kortgstation
TG: -New booze sprites for the drinks that were removed. Re-enabled t…
…he recipes for

the removed drinks.
-Drinking the Antifreeze booze makes you warmer. Duh.
-You now need 10 sheets of metal instead of 2 to make a gas canister, people
TG: Fixed issue 411 . (Thanks Yvarov-
Added Invisty's new field generator sprites.

Added a button to check antagonists that stops the world from automatically
restarting at round end.
It's toggleable, but once the round ends with it on, you'll need to reboot the
world manually. (It's under check antagonists because that's where the shuttle
stuff is, let me know if I should move it.)
Revision: r3565
Author: 	 petethegoat
TG: Minor cigarette fixes, and added the DromedaryCo cigarette crate …
…as a new

contraband crate.
Also added WJohnston's new rolled up poster sprite.
Revision: r3566
Author: 	 petethegoat
TG: -Uncomments the third file required to make the removed drinks wo…
…rk. Ugh.

Revision: r3567
Author: 	 d_h2...@yahoo.com
TG: -Emergency Toolboxes now contain smaller, lighter fire extinguish…
…ers that

actually fit inside them!
Revision: r3568
Author: 	 d_h2...@yahoo.com
TG: Some fixes for topic calls and inputs.
There's like 1001 things to fix so some of this is somewhat crude for now.

new helper proc located in procs/helpers.dm
just feed any text in and it will either return the original text or null (if it
contains odd characters such as \ / < > or characters reserved by BYOND. It also
rejects if there are no non-whitespace characters)
Revision: r3571
Author: 	 elly1...@rocketmail.com

@CIB CIB commented on the diff May 10, 2012

@@ -3110,6 +3102,180 @@ datum
dizzy_adj = 15
slurr_adj = 15
+ sbiten
+ name = "Sbiten"

CIB May 10, 2012


These new drinks aren't under the proper alcohol datum :|

CIB added a commit that referenced this pull request May 10, 2012

@CIB CIB merged commit ea3d11c into Baystation12:master May 10, 2012

Aranclanos pushed a commit to Aranclanos/Baystation12 that referenced this pull request Jul 25, 2014

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