Admin features

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Options Panel

You can activate / desactivate a most of Simple Tags features in one clic !

Mass Edit Tags

Do you have a not yet tagged blog ? Edit mass tags options is perfect for you : tag 20, 30 or 50 posts with autocompletion in one step ! You can filter by:


Untagged data Author ...

Tags autocompletion

To help you to add easily tags, Simple Tags has an autocompletion script. When you begin to tape a letter or more, a list a tags appears : you have only to choose !

You can choose the down direction to see all the tags.

Manage Tags

Simple Tags has a lot of features:

  • Raname one or many tags
  • Merge many tags on one new
  • Delete one or many tags
  • Add a tag for all tags, or only posts matched by a searching tag.
  • Edit slug one or many tags

Suggested tags

Simple Tags has a suggestion list tags to save time. To realize this, it looks between your content and your tag database, and create clickable links to add easily the tags into the post.

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