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Advanced Virtual Host BruteForcer (AVHBF)

author : Sergey Belov (
repo :
version : 0.1 (24 November'2013)

What is it? This tool try to bruteforce virtualhosts (HOST HTTP header) on your target server (web server or proxy balancer) and try to find something valid...

Why this tool is better than MSF module?

  • Have a hybrid mode. When domain name is provided this tool try to find test.domain, dev.domain e.t.c... (taking subdomains from dictionary);
  • Try to find .dev / .test / .local / .development / .beta / .int zones for current domain and for all subdomains while bruteforcing;
  • "Smart" detect mechanism. Comparing not equal or not full text between non-exist domain and testing domain and not headers (nginx replies for non-exist domain 200 HTTP code by default config). You can set in percent what is the maximum difference in responses between non-exist and founded domain;
  • Have a bigger than msf dictionary (include msf domains of course);
  • Preventing false-positive answers;
  • Not required msf :P
  • Also try to bruteforce with HOST header from domains.txt file (standard msf feature).


  • console mode;
  • PHP > 5.3;
  • cURL (+ php cURL lib);
  • xdiff optional lib. It will be better if you install it. How to install.


  • Write same Chrome extension;
  • 2 fingerprints for non-exist domains (will solve google's services problem);
  • MSF module;
  • Python version?

License: GPL v2

A lot of success stories happened with this tool...