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BeSimpleSsoAuthBundle trusted SSO configuration

Firewall configuration

Config entries:

BeSimpleSsoAuthBundle adds 5 configuration entries to standard (form_login) firewall which are:

  • manager: name of the manager configured under be_simple_sso_auth config section (see below).
  • login_action: when login required, user is forwarded to this action (which by default tell him to follow given link to authenticate). Set to false to auto-redirect user to SSO login form.
  • logout_action: same as login_action, but for logout.
  • create_users: authorize user provider to create not found users if implementing UserFactoryInterface.
  • created_users_roles: an array of roles to assign to users created by user provider.

Other required configuration entries are:

  • login_path: path to redirect to when login needed.
  • check_path: path to redirect to when checking login informations.

Other optional configuration entries are:

  • always_use_default_target_path (default false): if true, always redirect to default target path when logged in.
  • default_target_path (default '/'): target path to redirect to when always_use_default_target_path is true.
  • target_path_parameter (default '_target_path'):
  • use_referer (default false):
  • failure_path (default null): go to this path on failure.
  • failure_forward (default false): forward (true) or redirect (false) to failure path.

An example in YAML format:

# security.yml

            pattern: ^/admin/.*$
                manager: admin_sso
                login_action: BeSimpleSsoAuthBundle:TrustedSso:login
                logout_action: BeSimpleSsoAuthBundle:TrustedSso:logout
                create_users: true
                created_users_roles: [ROLE_USER, ROLE_ADMIN]

Manager configuration

Now you must configure your my_manager manager.

An example in YAML format:

# config.yml

            id: cas
            version: 2
            id: cas
            login_url: http://cas.server.tld/login
            logout_url: http://cas.server.tld/logout
            validation_url: http://cas.server.tld/serviceValidate
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