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BeWelcome Rox

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Check INSTALL for installation instructions.

You probably want to get started by checking out the code in src/.

build/ is deprecated and the code needs to be rewritten in src/.


Documentation is in the doc tree and can be compiled using mkdocs:

$ mkdocs build

The result can then be accessed via doc/html/ in your cloned repository.

PHP API documentation can also be generated using phpDox. phpDox integrates with numerous continuous integration tools, so we recommend using the following make task to get the full output:

make phpdox

The result can then be accessed via doc/phpdox/ in your cloned repository.


Fork a repository on Github. Work on what you like to update and send a pull request to merge it into the main repository.

If you see an updated composer.json or composer.lock make sure to run

composer install

Also run

npm install

everytime you see a change in either package.json or package-lock.json.

If any .scss file or a file in assets/ changed a make build is necessary.

Useful links

Coding standards

To ensure coding standards are followed run make everytime before you commit. Fixing coding standard issues can be achieved with

make phpcsfix

twice in a row.

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