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Pitched playback of wave samples
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BeagleAudio plays a soundfile in different pitches based on incomming events. It currently only supports wave files as input. The maxim library is used for pitching and to apply an envelope to the sound.


The program has to be started with two parameters:

  • recipient id: the id on which the message queue should be listening for events.
  • wave location: the absolute path to the wave file which should be played.


At startup the software will echo out the waveform information of the loaded file to stdout. This information is used by the menu to render the waveform in the UI.

Used events

Event Direction Parameters Purpose
ADC_VALUES incoming alternating: channel_number, value. e.g. CH1=1,CH2=5.4 => [1,1,2,5.4] Used to trigger the playback of the sound and change the pitch.
ADSR incoming [A,D,S,R] Used to set the envelope values for Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release. A,D and R need to be milliseconds as whole numbers. S is a float value between 0 and 1.

About this repository

This repository is part of the BeagleBoom-Sampler project developed by the academic working group "Creative Technologies AG" (ctag) at the University of Applied Sciences Kiel.


The content and source code of this project itself is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license.

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