An iPhone view controller to visualize and control music playback
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MusicPlayerViewController aimes to be a drop-in component that serves as an UI for a Music Player on iPhone and iPad by replicating the's user interface.

MusicPlayerViewController has the following features

  • UI for iPhone and iPad
  • Support for variable-speed scrobbling
  • Support for resolution/device-dependent cover art
  • Controllable using a data source and an optional delegate
  • Three Repeat Modes and Shuffle mode


You can read the full API Reference at CocoaDocs, but using the component itself is simple. Since it is derived from a standard UIViewController, you can just instantiate it, set a delegate and datasource and are good to go.

BeamMusicPlayerViewController* controller = [BeamMusicPlayerViewController new];
controller.delegate = self;
controller.dataSource = self;
// Push the controller or something else

The Project contains an example that uses the MediaLibrary to provide data for the UI. You can use this as an starting point.


To use MusicPlayerViewController in your Project, just

  1. Clone this repository or add it as submodule to your repository
  2. Add all files from Source/ to your project's target
  3. Add the frameworks MessageUI and MediaPlayer to your target

Alternatively, you can use the fabulous CocoaPods:

  1. add the dependency pod 'BeamMusicPlayerViewController' in your podfile
  2. run pod install

and you are done.


You are more than welcome to contribute code to this project! Since this project relies on CocoaPods while describing a Pod itself, make sure to open BeamMusicPlayerExample.xcworkspace instead of the project file.


The Project is licensed under the new BSD License (see file LICENSE).

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