Crack base64(sha256(username)) hash from Microsoft Event ID 1029
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"Cracks" Event ID 1029 hashes, given a starting hash and a list of usernames
Thanks to reddit's /u/RedPh0enix and /u/Belgarion0 for basically everything.
They did all the hard work and figured out Microsoft's formatting.

Sample - Psudocode would be better spelled out as Base64(SHA256binary(UTF-16LE(UserName))
Event ID 1029 Description is Base64(SHA256(UserName)) is = UmTGMgTFbA35+PSgMOoZ2ToPpAK+awC010ZOYWQQIfc=-

Manual calculation of a hash can be done using the below:

import hashlib,base64
username = "ServerUser01"
username = username.decode('utf-8').encode('utf-16le')
hash = hashlib.sha256(username).digest() # note NOT .hexdigest()
print base64.b64encode(hash)

--- Some Notable Hashes ---
Administrator: UmTGMgTFbA35+PSgMOoZ2ToPpAK+awC010ZOYWQQIfc=
administrator: WAlZ81aqzLQmoWEfQivmPQwJxIm/XQcDjplQdjznr5E=
Guest: EYafGFixlNF6rmWxFFF7o4CrI0VoyuqZr6O60Igzr0I=
guest: OsLcy6J+ON0FM13n1l5aMCOw8K4paLSthgtHiWDnGzk=