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Finds event logs between two time points. Useful for support/malware analysis.



This program allows you to mark (bookend) a beginning and end time period, then grabs all events between those periods. It dumps these to a sorted CSV on the desktop.

This program will not read certain logs (Security, Sysmon, etc.) without Administrator privileges.

The precursor to this, written in PowerShell, can be found here: This was re-written in C# due to the sheer number of events that were written to PowerShell logs when using the script.

Example Use Cases

A support team member can mark a start time, and perform an action that may cause a crash or other problem on a workstation. Then mark the end and dump the logs to determin what might have happened.

A security analyst could use this to run malware (in a contained environment) and determin via logs what this malware did and in what order, which may be used to create IOC's.

This was developed with the Windows RDP-Related Event Logs use case in mind.

Detailed Usage

  • Open as Administrator
  • In the resulting window, click Start Time button
  • Perform whatever action that you want to see events for
  • Click the End Time button - At this point (or any other), the time periods can be manually adjusted
  • Click Find Events
  • Wait while the program generates a CSV of found events on the current desktop - File name will be "Logs_Runtime_<datestamp>_<runtime>.csv"

Demonstration Video

Thanks to Richard Davis of 13cubed for doing a short on usage and demoing the tool!

EventFinder2 Demo

Screenshot Time!



Finds event logs between two time points. Useful for helpdesk/support/malware analysis.




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