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TeamTalk 5

Repository for TeamTalk 5 development.


Download TeamTalk 5 SDK

To build the TeamTalk client or server projects you must first download the TeamTalk 5 SDK to obtain the client and server binaries.

You can also try out the latest beta releases of the TeamTalk 5 SDK here. Some of the TeamTalk 5 SDK beta releases are only available for certain platforms, so if your platform is not listed then try a previously released beta.

TeamTalk 5 Libraries

Projects wrapping the client and server binaries in the TeamTalk SDK.

  • TeamTalkLib
    • Source code for building TeamTalk 5 DLL and server binaries
    • Read License.txt for terms of use
    • Build using CMake
    • A Makefile is available in Build for quickly building for macOS, Ubuntu, CentOS 7, Android, iOS and Raspberry Pi e.g.:
      • sudo make -C Build depend-ubuntu18 followed by make -C Build ubuntu18
      • make -C Build depend-mac mac
    • A docker-compose file is available in Build/Docker for quickly building for Linux distributions e.g.:
      • docker-compose run --rm ubuntu18 make -C /TeamTalk5/Build ubuntu18
      • docker-compose run --rm ubuntu22 make -C /TeamTalk5/Build ubuntu22
  • TeamTalk_DLL (dependency: TeamTalkLib)
  • TeamTalk.NET (dependency: TeamTalk_DLL)
    • TeamTalk 5 .NET DLL wrapper for C-API TeamTalk 5 DLL (TeamTalk_DLL)
    • Requires DLL file from TeamTalk_DLL project, either 32-bit or 64-bit
  • TeamTalkJNI (dependency: TeamTalk_DLL)
    • TeamTalk 5 JNI project with Java wrapper classes
  • TeamTalkPy (dependency: TeamTalk_DLL)
    • Python wrappers for TeamTalk DLL

TeamTalk 5 Clients

Projects containing client applications which use the TeamTalk 5 client DLL.

  • qtTeamTalk (dependency: TeamTalk_DLL)
    • TeamTalk 5 client application written in C++ and based on Qt
    • Requires TeamTalk_DLL project for DLL dependency
  • TeamTalkClassic (dependency: TeamTalk_DLL)
    • TeamTalk 5 accessible client application written in C++ and based on MFC
      • Works well with screen-readers
    • Requires TeamTalk_DLL project for DLL dependency
  • TeamTalkApp.NET (dependency: TeamTalk.NET)
    • TeamTalk 5 .NET client application written in C#
    • Requires TeamTalk.NET project for DLL dependency
  • iTeamTalk (dependency: TeamTalk_DLL)
    • TeamTalk 5 iOS client application written in Swift
    • Requires TeamTalk_DLL project for bridging header
    • Open project in Xcode
  • TeamTalkAndroid (dependency: TeamTalkJNI)
    • TeamTalk 5 Android client application written in Java
    • Open project in Android Studio
    • Copy the TeamTalk 5 Java library to TeamTalkAndroid/libs directory:
      • TeamTalk5.jar
        • Located in Library/TeamTalkJNI/libs (Standard Edition)
      • TeamTalk5Pro.jar
        • Located in Library/TeamTalkJNI/libs (Professional Edition)
    • Copy the TeamTalk 5 JNI shared library to TeamTalkAndroid/src/main/jniLibs/[armeabi-v7a|arm64-v8a|x86|x86_64]
        • Located in Library/TeamTalkJNI/libs/[armeabi-v7a|arm64-v8a|x86|x86_64] (Standard Edition)
        • Located in Library/TeamTalkJNI/libs/[armeabi-v7a|arm64-v8a|x86|x86_64] (Professional Edition)
  • ttserverlogpy (dependency: TeamTalkPy
    • Python example client
  • ttphpadmin
    • Console PHP-script for administrating a TeamTalk 5 server.
    • Run php ttphpadmin.php

TeamTalk 5 Servers

Sample applications for writing a TeamTalk 5 server are located in the Examples folder. Building a TeamTalk 5 server requires TeamTalk 5 Professional Edition.

  • TeamTalkServer (dependency: TeamTalk_DLL)
    • TeamTalk 5 server application written in C++
    • Requires TeamTalk_DLL project for DLL dependency
  • TeamTalkServer.NET (dependency: TeamTalk.NET)
    • TeamTalk 5 server application written in C#
    • Requires TeamTalk_DLL and TeamTalk.NET projects for DLL dependencies
  • jTeamTalkServer (dependency: TeamTalkJNI)
    • TeamTalk 5 server application written in Java
    • Requires TeamTalk_DLL and TeamTalkJNI for DLL dependencies