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bear101 committed Oct 11, 2018
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Version 5.3.2, unreleased
Version 5.3.3, unreleased
Default Qt client
- Shared desktop now remains in same position after desktop update
- Double click to ban/unban in Banned Users dialog
- Stream HTTPS on macOS and Linux
Accessible Windows client
- Text-to-speech event for new file and removed file
iOS client
- Separate view controller for Text-To-Speech announcements
- Separate view controller for sound events
- Announce user log in/out
- Join user account's initial channel
Android client:
- Stream HTTP URLs as media files
- Sound event for users joining and leaving
- Notification on incoming text message
Version 5.3.2, released 2018/05/25
Default Qt client
- Users now arranged before channels in tree view
- Option to enable/disable user's voice/video/desktop/media-file stream

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