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User Manual (Forge Networking Remastered)

Welcome to Forge Networking Remastered, we would like to personally thank you for electing to become a part of our journey into Networking systems and Software as a whole. You are here because you have become a premium supporter of the Forge Networking project!

Here for the Code API?

Here for the Video Tutorials?


First, we would like to thank you so much for supporting Forge Networking over the past two years and we are proud to bring you Forge Networking Remastered!

Forge Networking Remastered (FNR) is a re-imagining of networking for Forge. We took everything we learned, all the feedback we could get and we started from scratch on FNR. We kept some of the helper classes such as ObjectMapper and BMSByte as those were optimized classes just for generic network data transfer. Secondly, we started FNR with the thought of Web Sockets and WebGL in mind. Though (at the time of this writing) WebGL support is not officially complete, we are working very hard to solidify this platform (mainly in relation to Unity integration and limitations). Thirdly we wanted to completely remove any kind of reflection "magic" that was in the system. In place of reflection, we opted for generated class files and code, this makes debugging and tracking execution much easier to maintain and test.

Where to start

See the getting started docs for installation instructions and tutorials.

Support & Questions

For everything related to Forge, please join the official Discord Everyone is super helpful and the whole community is based on here.


Getting Started Getting Started
Basic Moving Cube Example
Basic RPC Example
Basic Instantiation Example
Jump Start Guide
Network Contract Wizard (NCW) Network Contract Wizard (NCW)
Extending Generated Classes
Name Collision Issues
Network Object Changing Ownership
Destroying the Network Object
Remote Procedure Calls (RPCs) Remote Procedure Calls
Buffered RPCs
Sending RPC to a Single Player
RpcArgs and RpcInfo Structs
RPC Validation by Server
Replacing Previous Buffered RPCs
Clearing Buffered RPCs
Unity Integration GameObject Execution Order
Network Instantiation
Network Instantiation Flush
Threading in Unity
Main Threading RPCs
Running Unity Specific Code on the Main Thread
Unity Integration Network Start
Basic Network Samples Server Hosting Code
Client Connecting Code
Server Disconnect Client Code
Ban Client Code
Send Binary Frame
Send File
Scene Navigation Loading Scenes
Scene Events
NetWorker Temporarily Blocking Connections
Thread Safe Player Iteration
Master Server Master Server Quick Start
Connecting to the Master Server
Getting Host List from Master Server
Windows Server Firewall Setup
Web Server Web Server Jumpstart
Web Server Extending with MVC
Web Server Command Plugins
Troubleshooting Troubleshooting
Throttling Network Internal
Miscellaneous Connection Cycle Events
Network Logging
Working with Multiple Sockets
NAT Hole Punching
UDP LAN Discovery
Offline Mode
Lobby System
Steamworks P2P Integration
Forge Networking Classic to Remastered Migration Guide
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