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Forge Networking Alloy

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Forge Networking Alloy is the 3.0 version of Forge Networking released in 2020. The previous version (Forge Networking Remastered) being the 2.0 version released in 2017. This version of Forge builds upon learnings from the other 2 versions of Forge, and the thousands of developers who talked directly with us about things they need and want to see in a networking system.

Introduction video playlist

What is new?

  • New Alloy specific documentation
  • Messages & message interpreters as your network layer (less things to learn/manage)
  • Every single piece of Forge is hot-swapable and pluginable
  • Completely unit testable code
  • Customizable type serializers (serialize your Vector3 how YOU want or use default)
  • Customizable headers
  • Customizable connection challenges to reduce network noise and improve security
  • New tools for reviewing your network infrustructure
  • Massive performance improvement for both network speed and in-game speed
  • New Apache permissive license (tldr; people can't copyright/trademark Forge code and sue you)

Whats still good?

  • Cross platform networking
  • All C# & open source (single code base for your project)
  • Completely multi-threaded
  • Very easy interface for reviewing your network infrustructure
  • No CCU limitations
  • Multiple servers/clients per instance which enables things like
    • Server sharding
    • VOiP
    • Text based chat
    • API server co-communication
    • And any other parallel network requirements
  • Same good ol' Discord server
  • Same good ol' GitHub repository

The TLDR; History

Major Version Year Key note
Alloy 3.0 2020 Message and interpreters
Remastered 2.0 2017 Ease of use, no reflection
Forge Networking 1.0 2015 Cross platform networking

With each iteration of Forge Networking we have kept the key principals of the previous version and have added something to the idea. As with all software we highly recommend you using the latest released version of the software for best results.


Forge Networking Remastered
Getting Started
Network Contract Wizard (NCW)
Network Object
Remote Procedure Calls (RPCs)
Unity Integration
Basic Network Samples
Scene Navigation
Master Server
Web Server
Netcoding Design Patterns
Forge Networking Alloy * Alloy Design Patterns
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