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Forge Networking Remastered

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User Manual (Forge Networking Remastered)

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Forge Networking Remastered (FNR) is a re-imagining of networking for Forge.

We took everything we learned, all the feedback we could get, and we started from scratch on FNR.

In short:

  • While Forge is to be used as part of Unity like before, it is not dependant on Unity, which means you can even use it outside of Unity (in practical scenarios, to sometimes have C# servers that don't depend on Unity, but do act as servers to Unity Clients)
  • We kept some of the helper classes such as ObjectMapper and BMSByte, as those were optimized classes just for generic network data transfer.
  • We wanted to completely remove any kind of reflection "magic" that was in the system. In place of reflection, we opted for generated class files and code, this makes debugging and tracking execution much easier to maintain and test.

Where to start

See the Getting Started docs for installation instructions and tutorials.

Support & Questions

For anything related to Forge, there is a community Discord!
Join us on discord!
Everyone is super helpful and the entire community is in there, helping each other!
Even if you think your question is "silly" or super basic, a solution to it should arrive swiftly!!
Of course, it is more than just a place to ask questions ;)


First please familiarize yourself with the Contribution Guidelines

When you are done with that. Fork this repository to your own github account by clicking the Fork icon in the top right corner.

To start working on the new feature you would like to submit or to fix a bug create a new branch from the develop branch. When you are happy with the changes submit a Pull Request (PR for short) to this repository. Please make sure to select the develop branch as the destination branch and your branch with the changes as the source.


Forge Networking Remastered
Getting Started
Network Contract Wizard (NCW)
Network Object
Remote Procedure Calls (RPCs)
Unity Integration
Basic Network Samples
Scene Navigation
Master Server
Web Server
Netcoding Design Patterns
Forge Networking Alloy * Alloy Design Patterns
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