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GameObject Execution Order

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You may be used to the standard method execution order in Unity and this can cause some confusion when it comes to when you are able to access the network object on a client. You see, when you create a network object on the client it takes some time to get to the server, validate, and return back to the client. Because of this, the networkObject you are use to using may be null during the Start and Awake methods of your MonoBehaviour.


To resolve the issue with starting things once the networkObject has been setup, we have created a protected method you can override that will be called once the networkObject has been setup. You should do any initialization logic that is required for the network object in this method. Don't forget to call the base.NetworkStart() method.

protected override void NetworkStart()
    // TODO:  Your initialization code that relies on network setup for this object goes here

Update and FixedUpdate

If the network is a little slow, it is very possible that the networkObject is not setup by the time the first call to the Update or FixedUpdate happens in Unity. So make sure to do your null checks or set some-kind of flag for when the object is ready to be used.

private void Update()
    if (networkObject != null)
        // TODO:  Whatever you need to do with the networkObject


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