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Modify Master and Standalone servers

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In this guide we are going to cover how to setup Master Server or Basic Standalone Server for editing and building. I am going to use Visual Studio Community version as a reference, If you use other IDE, such as VS Code, you might need extra steps since we are going to use multiple projects together, but that won't be covered in this guide.


  1. Clone project from github
  2. Create Folder where you are going to store the whole project
  3. Copy ForgeNetworkingCommon and BeardedManStudios folders to newly created folder.
  4. Copy MasterServer or BasicStandAloneServer folder depending on what you want to set up Hierarchy should look something like this:


  1. Run dotnet new sln in the root directory of new folder from CMD (command prompt)
  2. Run dotnet sln add ‘folderName’ for all folders in the root directory(three in this case)
  3. Now open Visual Studio using newly created .sln file


Set Master Server as Set as StartUp Project as shown below:

Now make sure all projects in the folder are using .Net Framework version (4.7.2 in my case) that is installed on you machine from properties menu as shown below:


Now go back to github project and find:
Forge Networking Remastered Unity/BeardedManStudios/Scripts/Networking
(if you are using develop branch this instead: ForgeUnity/BeardedManStudios/Scripts/Networking)
and copy all of its contents in your new project folder at shown path: FolderName/BeardedManStudios/Source/


Well, if you are using master branch, then you are good to go, but if you are using develop branch, we are going to need 2 more files.

Go to this path in github project: ForgeUnity\Assets\BeardedManStudios\Scripts\Networking\Forge\Networking
And copy following files to the same source folder as before: HostResolver.cs and NetworkInterfaceAccumulator.cs.

If you are getting errors, put these 2 new files in visual studio’s explorer manually and restart visual studio.


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