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Network Contract Wizard (NCW)

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Network Contract Wizard (NCW)

The Network Contract Wizard is the new way for you to implement networking for your game/app.

To do so you will need to go to Window->Forge Networking->Network Contract Wizard as shown in the example below.


After opening the window you will be presented with this.


  1. 1)Toggle lighting on/off for the editor window only. This will make it easier for your eyes depending on what lighting situation you have.
  2. 2)Create, this will make networked objects for you to use for your game/app. (You will spend most of your time hitting this beautifully designed button).
  3. 3)Deletion, this will properly delete the networked objects that you have made.

Note: You are able to tap any of the NetworkObjects to modify them as well.

Creation Menu


  1. 1)Name field for you to name your networked object (Do not use the same name as ones already made)
  2. 2)Add fields (This is where you would add variables to sync across the network)
  3. 3)Add RPC (This is where you would create callbacks for other clients to messages/data being sent)

Adding a Field


  1. 1)The name of the variable
  2. 2)The type of variable this will be
  3. 3)There are many different types to select from (This is just an example of selecting int for this variable) Note: The trash bin next to this variable will delete it.

Adding an RPC


  1. 1)Name of the RPC
  2. 2)Arguments for this RPC that will be sent across the network.
  3. 3)Value type that can be passed across the network.
  4. 4)Deletion of this RPC
  5. 5)Deletion of this Value Type
  6. 6)Add more Value Types for the arguments

Main Menu Deletion


  1. 1)This will trash this Networked Object correctly.
  2. 2)You will be prompted with this window when doing so.

Project Directory


You will notice that all generated code will be located in your project directory under Generated.

Note: This will be changeable from the editor in the future.

Note: if you are getting RPCs lagging, then being called all at once, make sure "autoconnect profiler" is turned off in your build settings.


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