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Remote Procedure Calls

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Remote procedure calls (RPC) is a way to call functions over the network.
So lets imagine that you (ClientA) had a method named "Explode" and I (ClientB) wanted to call that "Explode" method on your machine so that we both see the fireworks at the same time.
Your main question might be:

"Well how can I call that function so that we both can see the fireworks explode at the same time?"

The answer of course is by doing a Remote Procedure call.
An RPC can be called on a specific client, all clients, buffered clients, etc.
RPCs use a reliable protocol - They always come in the right order and reception of RPCs is confirmed.

To get you quickly started, check out the Basic RPC Example. Once you have gone through that example and consumed all of its educational value, feel free to browse the links below for more information.


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