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Script to easily use Forge Networking from sources

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There are many reasons why you would want to use Forge Networking directly from source, for example:

  • Debug Forge Networking code in case you suspect a bug in it
  • Modify Forge Networking code that adds/removes/changes certain behaviors to what you need
  • Develop and test modifications of Forge Networking that could be merged into this repository later so everyone benefits from it

On the Getting Started page you will already find instructions on how to use Forge Networking from source in your Unity project. However, extracting and preparing files from this repository is a bit involved and error prone. To simplify this we have a script called that automates the whole process for you. It will create an archive file where its contents can be directly dropped into your Unity project and you should be ready to go.


The script is written in Bash and does not have dependencies to special commands.

macOS and Linux



You will need to install an environment that emulates a UNIX-environment on Windows like:

Running the script

Open a terminal, change your working directory to the root of the cloned Forge Networking directory, and run the script like this:


The script will tell you that it has created a file ForgeNetworking-source-assets.tar (in the same directory you called the script) which contains the contents that can now be copied into your Unity Assets folder.


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