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Unity Integration Network Start

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Since Unity does not work as fast as Forge Networking, there are a few control flow features that we've added into the Unity Integration to allow you to plan your network setup for network objects. When you implement your generated Behavior script that was generated from the NCW, you can override a function named NetworkStart.
NetworkStart is automatically called, when the object has been setup on the network and is ready to do things like send RPCs, update fields, etc.

Below is an example of how to override the NetworkStart method in order to disable a camera on a game object that is not owned by the current instance and set our fields update interval.

using BeardedManStudios.Forge.Networking.Generated;
using UnityEngine;

public class NetCamera : NetworkCameraBehavior
    protected override void NetworkStart()

		Camera cameraRef = GetComponent<Camera>();
		networkObject.UpdateInterval = 100;

		// If this is not our camera then we should not render using it
		if (!networkObject.IsOwner)
			cameraRef.enabled = false;

networkStarted Event

For your convenience, we've added a networkStarted event to NetworkBehavior so that you can do other operations on other objects that have a reference to the object in question.
For example; if you instantiate the object (obviously from another script) and you want to do some special action on that object once it has been setup on the network, you can hook into this event.

var cameraPlayer = NetworkManager.Instance.InstantiateNetworkCamera();
cameraPlayer.networkStarted += CameraReadyOnNetwork;

// ...

private void CameraReadyOnNetwork(NetworkBehavior playerCamera)
	UnityEngine.Debug.Log("The player camera " + + " has been setup on the network");

Do note that networkStarted triggers after NetworkStart since it triggers it.

protected virtual void NetworkStart()

	if (networkStarted != null)


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