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Upgrading instructions

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Before upgrading:

Make sure you don'y use any of the prefabs in the FNR folder. If you're using NetworkManager, make a copy of it and put inside your own project folder. If you're using any MainMenu scenes, copy them and put them in your project folder. And make your project work off of those copies, not the originals, because they will be overwritten by upgrade.

The .bin file

Apparently in latest versions any usage of this file was removed and now the FNR editor works directly with .cs and .meta files of generated classes. This means this file is not required anymore for upgrading.

Upgrading instructions for later versions that don't use the .bin file:

  1. Make sure you've read all the before upgrading.
  2. Commit your project, or if you don't use source control make a copy
  3. Building FNR Build fnr, and make a .unitypackage
  4. Open unity package and let it overwrite everything, make sure it doesn't overwrite your own Generated Files (in case of naming clash)
  5. open Wizard, open any class, hit Save and compile

Should be good to go.


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