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Web Server Jumpstart

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Getting up and running with the web server is easier than ever. Just include the plugin into your project, new up the object and start/stop the server at will. The namespace for the web server is BeardedManStudios.Forge.MVCWebServer, so if you need to include using statements or view things in the object browser, take a look in this namespace.

Including plugin into project

You will notice a MVCWebServer.dll file in the unzipped folder for the web server. You just need to copy this file into your Bearded Man Studios Inc/Plugins folder. That is it, you've installed the web server plugin to your project.

Starting a Web Server

Starting a web server is as simple as calling 2 lines of code as seen below.

ForgeWebServer ws = new ForgeWebServer(server, pages, ForgeWebServer.DEFAULT_PORT);

I know what you are saying, "what is server... and what are pages?". Good questions; see below:

  • server: This is the NetWorker for the server
  • pages: This is a Dictionary<string, string>() of web pages (html). The key string is the name of the page, like "index" and the value is the html of the page. The pages you add here will be viewable from the web interface. So let's say you add a page cat and the html <h1>Hello World</h1>. Then if you went to locahost:15942/cat in any web browser, you would see a big bold Hello World heading on the page.

We have added a few default pages as part of the package in the Resources folder. If you want a magical function that automatically maps all the pages you put into this folder, well... here you go:

string pathToFiles = "fnwww/html";
Dictionary<string, string> pages = new Dictionary<string, string>();
TextAsset[] assets = Resources.LoadAll<TextAsset>(pathToFiles);
foreach (TextAsset a in assets)
    pages.Add(, a.text);

ForgeWebServer ws = new ForgeWebServer(server, pages, ForgeWebServer.DEFAULT_PORT);

// ...

Stopping a Web Server

When you are closing your connection/application that has a running web server, you will want to close the connection for the web server as well. You can see how to close the connection to the web server below:

ForgeWebServer ws = new ForgeWebServer(server, pages, ForgeWebServer.DEFAULT_PORT);

// ...


Notices & Warnings!

STOP, BEFORE YOU LEAVE THIS PAGE! There are a few things to keep in mind when using the web server.

  1. If you disconnect your server, you MUST disconnect your web server as well. Since this is a plugin system, you need to remember to do this.
  2. You MUST remember to close the web server on application quit.
  3. The commands are run on a separate thread so you need to use MainThreadManager for any code that requires to be on the main thread


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