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A Telegram bot that'll send you notifications once a new Xcode version has been published πŸš€
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Xcode Releases Telegram Bot

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πŸ“ Subscribe via Telegram

πŸ›  Requirements

  • Yarn
  • NodeJS
  • PostgreSQL
  • Somewhere to host this e.g. Heroku

πŸ— Get started

Set up the required environment variables DATABASE_URL and TELEGRAM_BOT_TOKEN, either by using a .env file in this repo's folder for local development, or by specifing them in your runtime environment.

DATABASE_URL should be the postgres uri to your Database TELEGRAM_BOT_TOKEN should be a valid bot token to the Telegram Bot

$ yarn
$ yarn dev

πŸ€– Available commands

/latest -> Sends you information about the most current Xcode build available via

/unsubscribe -> Unsubscribes you from the list of recipients of new Xcode builds

/users -> Show the number of current users of this bot


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