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A simple color masking plugin for VapourSynth
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VapourSynth port of tp7's Avisynth plugin. Great solution if you need to build some masks on color values. Only 8 bit clips are allowed at this time.


All parameters (except colors) are set to their default values.

core.tcm.TColorMask(clip, ['$FFFFFF', '$000000', '$808080'], tolerance=10, bt601=False, gray=False, lutthr=9)
  • colors - array of colors. Required.
  • tolerance - pixel value will pass if its absolute difference with color is less than tolerance (luma) or half the tolerance (chroma).
  • bt601 - use bt601 matrix for conversion of colors.
  • gray - set chroma of output clip to 128. Chroma will contain garbage if False.
  • lutthr - if specified more than lutthr colors, lut will be used instead of direct SIMD computations.


This project is licensed under the MIT license.

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