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This repository has been archived by the owner on Sep 7, 2023. It is now read-only.


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JenkinsLight Build Status

A build monitoring tool (buildwall) that allows you to quickly detect failing projects for Jenkins.



This project required a cors-plugin Jenkins plugin to enabled CORS. Enabling CORS would let you call the Jenkins REST API from javascript (you can use the provided packaged plugin).


Clone the project

$ git clone
$ cd JenkinsLight

Install dependencies

$ npm install -g bower grunt-cli
$ npm install
$ bower install


Please configure a new app/scripts/config.js file from app/scripts/config.js.dist.

Jenkins options :

  • CI.JENKINS.URL : Jenkins server url
  • CI.JENKINS.AUTHORIZATION_TOKEN : authorization token if your Jenkins server is secured, eg: "Basic 0123456=" (opt.)
  • CI.JENKINS.DEFAULT_VIEW : default Jenkins view to display, eg : "All"
  • CI.JENKINS.JOBS_TO_BE_DISPLAYED : array of all job types that can be displayed :
    • red : failing job,
    • red_anime : building failed job,
    • blue : succeeding job,
    • blue_anime : building succeeded job.

Display options :

  • MAX_JOBS_PER_LINE : maximum number of jobs displayed per line
  • REFRESH_TIME : refresh time (ms)
  • BACKGROUND_BLANK_SCREEN_URL : background image url use if no job are dislayed
  • JOBS_NOT_DISPLAYED_REGEXP : exclude jobs which name match this regexp

Then you have to build the server code.

$ grunt build

Your server root url must target the dist folder.


Use view query parameter for select a Jenkins view.


Installation for dev

Clone and init the project

$ git clone
$ cd JenkinsLight/vagrant
$ git submodule install --init

Install Vagrant and configure Vagrantfile :

$ cp Vagrantfile.dist Vagrantfile

Note : configure your own Vagrantfile and provisionning if necessary.

$ vagrant up
$ vagrant ssh
$ cd /vagrant

Install dependencies

$ sudo npm install --no-bin-links
$ bower install

Configure your application via app/scripts/config.js.

Run the server

$ grunt server

You can now access the application at http://localhost:8888.


$ npm test


Developed by the Cytron Team of M6 Web.


JenkinsLight is licensed under the MIT license.