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Bedwars Instructions

Everything on that page which is in brackets like these {}, should be replaced with an individual value. These things are parameters and individual for every game or server. Descriptions about parameters and their behaviour you can find on the Commands wiki page. In these instructions not all needed parameters for the commands are shown.

Setup plugin

  1. Download the plugin from or clone it from Github and compile it to a jar file by yourself!
  2. Move the jar file to the plugins folder of your target server!
  3. Start the server and the plugin will be activated and will creating the config and locale files.
  4. Go to the Setup game instructions for single servers or bungeecord servers.

Setup game (single server)

  1. Make sure you imported a world (bedwars map) by using Multiverse-Core or Multiworld
  2. Start to create your bedwars game with /bw addgame
  3. Now add your teams with /bw addteam command. You have to add at least 2 teams.
  4. Next, you have to set the spawns of the teams by stand on the desired location and execute the /bw setspawn command.
  5. To set a team's bed you have to stand in front of the bed, target the bed with the mouse (or stand on it) and set the bed with /bw setbed
  6. Ressource spawners has to be added by stand on the desired location and execute /bw setspawner
  7. Now set the game world. To do that you have to fly to the right upper corner of the map and type /bw setregion {game} loc1 to set the first location. Now fly to the bottom left corner and execute /bw setregion {game} loc2 to set the second location.
  8. Now its time to set the lobby. Switch to the world where the lobby should be, go to the location where the players will be teleported to and execute the /bw setlobby command.
  9. Optional If you set "mainlobby-enabled" to true in the configuration, you have to add the mainlobby. Go to the mainlobby location and execute /bw setmainlobby command.
  10. Now type /bw save {game} to save the game! (If a error will show up, you forgot something!)

Setup game (bungeecord server)

  1. Create a bungeecord server for every game (arena/map).

  2. This bungeecord server should restart after shutdown, because the plugin will shutdown after every game. This could be done with following example script:

    @echo off
    java -Xms512M -Xmx1024M -XX:MaxPermSize=128M -jar spigot.jar
    timeout /t 10 /NOBREAK
    goto restart

The timeout /t 10 /NOBREAK command will make the script waiting 10 seconds before the server will restart. This timeout can be used to interrupt the restart and closing the command line by hitting CTRL + C.

  1. Update bedwars configuration (config.yml) and set hubserver to the correct hub/lobby server. Then enable plugin by setting enabled in the bungeecord section to true

  2. Start and join the new bungeecord server and follow the Setup game (single server) instruction. Important: Create one and only one game per server when bungeecord is enabled!

Place Sign

For creating a sign the sign have to match the following rule:
First line: [bw]
Second line: {game}

After placing the sign, it will convert to a bedwars join-sign!


Every change you make to the game you have to save with /bw save {game}. This is consciously willed, because its not directly saved and when you did something wrong, it doesn't crash the game directly.

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