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A Discord bot for Blaseball.


  • Game lookup (/lookup day [season] [day] <team playing>)
  • Player lookup (/lookup player [full name])
  • Team lookup (/lookup team [team name])
  • Game score updates (/subscribe scores [team])
  • Game summaries (/subscribe summaries [team])
  • Event subscription (/subscribe events)
  • End-of-game betting reminders (/subscribe bets)

Game Scores

Game score update subscription allows you to have scoring plays for all games that a specific team play be sent directly to a channel of your choice. You can enable this by using /subscribe scores [team]. If you wish to stop having this information sent to a channel, you can use /unsubscribe scores [team]. You may only have scores for one team sent to a channel, and you cannot have a given team's scores be sent to multiple channels.

Game Summaries

Game summaries are similar to score update subscriptions. When a game ends, a score card – the same style that is generated with game lookups – will be sent to the subscribed channel. Unlike game score subscriptions, you may have multiple teams' summaries sent to the same channel. You can subscribe to summaries using /subscribe summaries [team] and unsubscribe with /unsubscribe summaries [team].


No personal data is stored in the database, only channel IDs, guild IDs, and the IDs of any blaseball teams are stored.

Forbidden Knowledge

Warning! This code contains some forbidden knowledge, which can demystify the game of blaseball. Look at the code at your own risk!

Invite Bot

You can invite Blasebot to your server using this link. This link is also shown by using the bot's /info command.

Running the bot

With Docker

To run the bot with docker, firstly you must copy sample.env to .env and fill in the relevant fields, docker will override dbUrl so you do not need to worry about that one! After that, you can simply run docker-compose up --build, this will start the container.

Without Docker

If you wish to run the bot without docker, you will need to use Node 14.5.0 minimum. To run the bot make sure to run npm install to install all packages. You can then configure a file named config.json at the top level of the directory. See sample.config.json for how to configure the bot. Once the config file has been created, run node command-json/updateCommands from the top directory to register the bot's slash commands with Discord. Blasebot uses a Mongoose database to store subscriptions – if you are running the bot locally, leave MongoDB (mongo) running in the background before starting up the bot.

Once everything is set up, you can run Blasebot with node bot/main from the top directory.


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