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ADO.Net Stored Procedure wrapper
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Proc class members

Nutshell: SqlCommand convenience wrapper


  • automatically populates proc parms collection by hitting sql server so callers don't have to bother with that unnecessary boilerplate code
  • sanity inducing conventions like consistent empty-string=null handling on input parms
  • handy extensions like direct output to Json (including optional spacing of property names by title casing)
  • and one liner proc parm assignment by standard collections like Dictionary and NameValueCollection


  • one mildly screwy thing, for deployment convenience, is Newtonsoft.Json.dll and Humanizer.dll are embedded resources of SqlClientHelpers.dll.

Minimal sample usage:

Proc.ConnectionStringDefault = ""; //one time only
var proc = new Proc("procname");
proc["@Parm1"] = "";
var ds = proc.ExecuteDataset();
var getOutParm = proc["@Parm2"]; 


  • static string ConnectionStringDefault
  • static int CommandTimeoutSeconds = 30
  • static Action OnErrorDefault
  • Action OnError
  • static Action OnSuccessDefault
  • Action OnSuccess


  • DataSet DataSet
  • DataSet ExecuteDataSet()
  • async Task ExecuteDataSetAsync()
  • SqlDataReader ExecuteReader(bool blobMode = false)
  • void ExecuteJson(Stream, bool titleCasePropertyNames = false)
  • async Task ExecuteNonQueryAsync()

Parameter related

  • object this[string key]
  • static void ResetParmcache()
  • SqlParameterCollection Parms
  • Proc AssignParms(IDictionary<string, object>)
  • Proc AssignParms(NameValueCollection)
  • Proc AssignParms(DataRowView)
  • Proc AssignParms(DataRow)
  • Proc AssignParms(object[])
  • T GetParmAs(string key)
  • void ClearParms()


  • string[] TableNames
  • string[] MatchingTableNames(params string[])
  • static Func NewWaitObject
  • string SQLWarnings
  • bool TrimAndNull = true

SqlClientHelpers members

General ADO.Net helpers

  • static DataTable Table0(this DataSet)
  • static DataRow Row0(this DataSet)
  • static long? AsLong(this SqlParameter)
  • static string AsString(this SqlParameter)
  • static IEnumerable<Dictionary<string, object>> ToDictionaryRows(this DataTable)
  • static async Task ToStreamAsync(this SqlDataReader, Stream, string fieldName = null)
  • static void ToJson(this SqlDataReader, Stream, bool titleCasePropertyNames = false)
  • static NameValueCollection ToNameValueCollection(this DataTable, NameValueCollection vals = null)
  • static string BuildRowFilter(params string[] filters)
  • static void SetReadonlyField(this DataRow, string colName, object data)
  • static T Field(this DataRowView, string fieldName)
  • static bool IsFieldsModified(this DataRow, params string[] fieldNames)
  • static void SetAllNonDbNullColumnsToEmptyString(this DataRow, string emptyPlaceholder = "")
  • static void RemoveEmptyPlaceholder(this DataRow, string emptyPlaceholder)
  • static void SetColumnError(this DataRowView, string fieldName, string message)
  • static void ClearColumnError(this DataRowView, string fieldName)
  • static bool ColumnsContain(this DataRowView, string columnName)
  • static void AcceptChanges(this DataRowView)
  • static void AcceptChanges(this DataView)
  • static bool IsDirty(this DataRowView)
  • static bool IsDirty(this DataView, bool respectRowFilter = true)
  • static void DetachRowsAndDispose(this DataView, bool preserveRowFilter = false)
  • static void DetachRow(this DataRowView)
  • static void AddRelation(this DataSet, string name, DataColumn parent, DataColumn child,
  • static void AddColumn(this DataTable, string colName, Type type, string expression)
  • static DataRow Clone(this DataRow)
  • static string SqlErrorTextCleaner(string message)
  • static void AddInitialEmptyRows(DataSet, StringCollection rootTables)
  • static DataRow AddNewRowWithPk(DataTable)
  • static DataRow AddNewNestedRow(DataTable)
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