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A node js controlled website to digitalize entire library processes along with automatic book issue, renew, return through rfid reader controlled via nodejs!!!
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The theme of the project can be found in the following video link:

This project is developed via node js along with frontend of HTML5, CSS3, Javascript. It even contained the use of python to be controlled via node js!!! In this project, an RFID reader was connected to a raspberry pi working as a router with an open hotspot, which hosted this website!!!

As soon as any student enters the library, he connects to the raspberry pi hotspot via his android or laptop and logs in via his username and password.

Since the website contains various features, we discuss them below:

a) Book requests and responses

The student uses this feature if any book he is searching for is not found in the library!!! He sends a request to thelibrary admin (who uses the admin panel) for the book!!! As soon as the book arrives he receives the notification of arrival!!! The live hosting of this site, makes it easier for him to know book arrival via home!!!

b) Clear Fine amount

The student may use this feature to clear the fine amount allocated to him vai electronic pay service!!!

c) Locate or Find Books

The student may use this feature to view the location of the book he is searching for in the library, i.e. the shelf number, column number and row number.

d) Issue Books

The student clicks this button and chooses the book he requires. Then after getting the book (inside which RFID tag is placed) on his hand, he just shows the book to the rfid reader placed over the table!!! The book is then automatically issued for him!!!

e) Return or Renew Books

For returning or renewing the book the students has taken, he just brings it, clicks this button, chooses the one to return among his issued books list and shows the book to the rfid reader!!! The book is then automatically returned!!! He then puts the book over the returning desk!!!

All these transactions can be checked via the Transactions anchor placed on page top!!!

f) Send Feedback

The student may send any kind of feedback to the library admin via this button!!!

It also contains an admin panel where library admin logs in with a password provided to him!!!

The features of admin panel are:

a) Manage Desk Books

The library person uses this feature to manage the books placed on the returning desk and keep it on the proper location over the shelf!!! It gives info about the books on that desk, along with its position on the shelf!!!

b) Change Admin Password

This allows changing of admin password!!!

c) Manage Students Entry This allows the admin to add,delete and update students entries like name, roll number, password,etc. who can access the library stuffs!!!

d) Manage Books Entry

This allows the admin to add,delete and update books entries of the library!!! On adding new books of request by the student, the student automatically gets informed via notification!!!

e)View Book Requests

This allows admin to view the books requests provided by the students!!! As soon as the database is updated on arrival those books on request, a response, i.e. notification is automatically sent to the student's dashboard!!!

f)View Feedbacks

This allows admin to view students' feedbacks!!!

An arduino controlled RFID reader shield was also created to make easy tracking of misplaced book!!!

This project aims to automate all library processes with the lowest number of employees (1 or 2) and small cost!!! It required the use of pi-rc522 python module to operate RFID reader via raspberry pi!!! This project was nominated as the "Thematic Software Winner" in National Level Engineering Exhibition called LOCUS exhibition 2018 themed Smart City held in Pulchowk engineering campus, Nepal and certified via Multinational IT Company Logpoint

Some screenshots of the project can be found here:

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