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This is the project page for the Beer && Code Seattle web site

This is the Node.js port of the Beer && Code site

Beer && Code has grown and the community would like to see the site grow with it.

Our goals are still the same:

  • The site should EXPLAIN what Beer && Code is
  • The site should ORGANIZE by detailing when and where each event occurs
  • The site should INSPIRE people to share and collaborate on projects
  • The site should EXCITE people about the idea (ie, it should look cool)

Please see the Issues page for feature ideas

Current Build Instructions


Dependency Installation:

  • See the package.json file. You should just be able to run npm install within the same directory as this file to get all the dependencies

Running the site

  • node app.js
  • Install nodemon from NPM to make changes without having to restart the server manually

Stuff you can learn to contribute

  • node - Good to read if you've never used node
  • express - Microframework. Basic core of the site
  • jade - Templating engine. Kind of like HAML
  • stylus - Stylesheets. Kind of like less/sass
  • mongoose - Persistence via MongoDB