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Commit bot #8

smoak opened this Issue · 6 comments

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A simple commit bot that idles in our IRC channel and spits out commit messages when someone commits to the repo. We can make use of


Great timing on this as I was just talking about how this functionality is built into HipChat earlier today.

Here is the post I linked to in which they show off this functionality:


There is a hook available for this. Would that solve the issue?


I believe that it would.


I've got the hook running now. @smoak is going to take a crack at getting hubot to run before we close this issue.


5 months since the last update, did this ever get resolved? It'd be kind of neat.


Oh it did. Thanks for checking up on that.

Github sends a message to #BeerAndCodeSeattle on Freenode IRC when there is a commit. I mostly only merge PR's from other forks, so actual code churn on this repo is a little low. I don't know if it's worth having similar hooks on more active forks, but this is otherwise implemented.

@TheDahv TheDahv closed this
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