This eXist-db app is used to illustrate genetic processes in music sources.
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SourceViewer App

This is a web application to render genetic processes in musical sources encoded with the format of the Music Encoding Initiative (MEI). In addition to standard MEI 2013, it makes use of the data model for encoding genetic processes provided in a separate git repository. The application is build to be served from the XML database eXist (versions 2.1 and 2.2 work fine).

This application is work in progress, and will change as required by the Beethovens Werkstatt project. A sample installation shows the application in action.

The following first steps relate to version 0.3.1 of the tool.


In order to use SourceViewer, you need node.js. Please refer to their homepage for OS-specific installers.

All commands have to be executed in the root directory of your project.

1. install nodeJS

Refer to their homepage for a OS-specific installer for your system.

2. initialize dependencies

All dependencies are managed by grunt and bower. In the root directory of your workspace, run the following command:

npm install

This will download and setup the development listed in your package.json file. As a result you'll get a folder 'node_modules' being created. ** Note: ** watch your console for errors during npm install to ensure you get a working installation. Sometimes administrator rights are needed for a correct install. This is the case on Mac OSX, for instance. On such systems, you need to add sudo before all npm-based commands like so:

sudo npm install


If you've never used Grunt before, you have to install the command-line interface for Grunt (Grunt-cli).

npm install grunt-cli -g


SourceViewer is based on Sass, which is is compiled to CSS. For this compilation, a version of compass needs to be available on your machine. Go to their website for an OS-specific installer.

3. initialize Bower

Bower manages the higher-level dependencies. If you haven't installed bower on your computer yet, run

npm install -g bower

When Bower is installed, run the following command in the main directory:

bower install

This will download the dependencies listed in bower.json to a folder 'bower_components'.

4. adjust configuration

in the root directory of the app, there is a file config.tmpl, which contains information how to access the eXist instance for this SourceViewer. The values in here are default values and should not be changed under any circumstances. Instead, you have create a copy of that file named config.json with

cp config.tmpl config.json

and adjust the values in the new file. config.json is ignored by git to avoid security issues.

Grunt command reference

Call the following commands in the root directory of your application for common tasks:

Task Description
grunt default Grunt task will compile everything to the dist directory
grunt dist in addition to the tasks performed by grunt, a .xar file is created with correct version number in the build directory
grunt updateJS this task will only compile all javascript resources and upload it to the eXist instance as described in config.json
grunt updateCSS this task will only compile SASS resources and upload it as CSS to the eXist instance as described in config.json
grunt updateXQL this task will update all xQueries in the eXist instance, using the login information from config.json
grunt updateXSLT this task will update all XSL stylesheets in the eXist instance, using the login information from config.json

Provision of Content

All contents for this tool have to be inserted in the contents directory. More detailed information about the data setup is contained in the contents/ file.

Change name, version and description of the app

Variables for the build process can be defined in package.json.


SourceViewer is available under the GNU Affero General Public License (AGPL) v3.