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SiteSearch is a plugin for piwik, that analyzes the internal search.


It was written before the Piwik Core included functionality to track the internal site search.
Now it does, so please use the Core solution.


  • List keywords that were searched for (including hits)
  • Track number of search results (piwik tracker extension)
  • List keywords that had no results
  • Show search evolution in graph
  • Display search evolution, previous pages, following pages and associated keywords for each keyword (by clicking on the keyword)
  • Analyze what percentage of visitors were using the site search


  • Download the plugin into plugins/SiteSearch
  • Enable the plugin in Piwik
  • If you want to use results tracking, add the following to your tracking code: piwikTracker.setCustomData({SiteSearch_Results: XX});
    You can retrieve the number of results via JavaScript from the DOM or you can set the value when the website is generated (in PHP, Ruby or whatever you are using).


For screenshots of the frontend and the administration have a look at the downloads section.


This is beta software, please report any issues you are having.


My website is not using GET to pass the search term. Can use SiteSearch anyway?

Short answer: Yes you can!
Detailed answer: POST searches and exotic URLs