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Frow 3.3.4

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@codysherman codysherman released this 15 Sep 06:01

This version reverts the 'math.div' change from version 3.3.3. It was determined that the swap over to Sass's new math.div essentially created a breaking change for Frow 3 users on older versions of Sass, specifically on Sass versions less than 1.33.0. Frow 3 is once again using the / symbol to divide in Sass to avoid the breaking change.

If you continue to use Frow 3, depending on your version of Sass you may start to see warnings about the / symbol being replaced by math.div. To avoid these warnings, upgrade to Frow 4 and a version of Sass 1.33.0 or greater. It's a quite easy upgrade from 3.0 to Frow 4, the "breaking changes" are minimal and easy to mitigate.

Special thanks to @nhshofficial for reporting the fact that it was a breaking change.